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Customer consulting

To the customers of KORONA Candles Sp. z o.o., the concentration of activity guarantees high quality, continuity and stability of production processes, as well as flexible response to the needs of the market. The company approaches each customer individually, from an in-depth analysis of their needs to ongoing care for the correct fulfilment of orders. Full support of a professional trade and design department, both in the trade and marketing and technical issues, is a standard feature. KORONA Candles S.A. provides each customer with a dedicated Project Manager to ensure the projects are implemented as soon as possible, using processes and technologies enabling cost optimization.  

In order to provide interesting design, compliant with current trends and the customer's requirements, KORONA Candles Sp. z o.o. conducts ongoing monitoring of the market and of trends in industrial design and interior decoration. The support from the marketing department, consisting in preparation of analyses and reports, also allows perceiving possibilities to expand the designs with elements of special significance to the customer. Offering comprehensive coordination of the entire design process, the company utilizes professional knowledge and skills of its personnel and equipment base in the form of a well-equipped, state-of-the-art analytical laboratory. At every stage of collaboration, the company makes every effort to realize the customers' visions and fulfill their expectations.