KORONA Candles Sp. z o.o. started its activity in 1992, with only a small production hall and several basic machines at its disposal. Initially, only a few people were employed, manufacturing candles manually. Innovativeness has increased over time; supported by recruitment of increasingly better qualified employees, it enabled investments in modern and automated production machinery.  

Entering the 21st century, the Management Board of the Company adopted a decision to convert the production to an entirely automated process. Thanks to investments in modern technologies, compliant with the highest global standards, KORONA Candles Sp. z o.o. is currently recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of top quality candles.  

With the aim of strengthening its position in the market which is of vital importance for its business, in 2014 KORONA Candles Sp. z o.o. launched a production plant in Virginia, USA.

In just 8 months, the acquired shell of a factory of components for the automotive industry was completely modernized and adapted to new purposes, and at the same time new employees trained. Thanks to the exceptional coordination of all stages of factory modernization, at the end of the year it was possible to supply the first batch of ready-to-sell candles coming from the US production line, thereby opening a new chapter in the history of KORONA Candles Sp. z o.o.

Currently, the company has the most modern and technologically advanced factories in the world, attaining a production volume of 11 million candles per day.