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Check if you are a good match for us

If you agree with most of the following statements, you are a perfect match for us!

  1. You are ready to make an effort for the benefit of the company.
  2. You approach new challenges with enthusiasm.
  3. You seek additional knowledge in your area of expertise and you really enjoy it.
  4. You are an ambassador of your company and you have a positive attitude towards it.
  5. You are not afraid of changes and you see them as a chance for the better, every challenge is for you an opportunity to learn something new.
  6. You are aware that if you do not try to be better, you stop being good.
  7. You want to perform the assigned task the best way you can and you feel responsible for it.
  8. You understand that timeliness is not an end in itself – it must go hand in hand with workmanship.