KORONA Candles Inc. is a subsidiary company of KORONA Candles S.A. which has been present in the market for over 20 years. In order to strengthen its position as a leading manufacturer of candles in the world, in 2014 KORONA Candles S.A. opened a production plant in the United States. The investment worth more than $ 18 million creates unlimited development opportunities in the market which is of vital importance for the company – the US candle market is the largest in the world in terms of demand.

A modern factory located in the County of Pulaski, Virginia, is not only a chance for rapid development, but also significantly increase the ability to respond quickly to the needs of customers on the American continent. Shortening the supply chain and minimizing the currency risk are further advantages of creating a new point on the global map of operation of Korona Candles Group.

The constant development of KORONA Candles Group, improvement of its production capabilities, as well as sales, are focused on such products as tealights, votive candles, and candles in various containers made of glass, metal and ceramics. The current production consists entirely of private label collections, reaching the largest customers worldwide. The assortment of candles is characterized by an extraordinarily wide range of sizes, colors and scents.

Offering comprehensive coordination of the entire production process, KORONA Candles Group makes use of the professional knowledge and skills of the personnel, as well as equipment base in the form of an excellently furnished state-of-the-art analytical laboratory. At every stage of collaboration, the company makes every effort to realize the customers' visions and fulfill their expectations.

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