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Product standards

Depending on the requirements as well as commercial and technological arrangements, the design of candles and the quality assurance system are based on individual requirements determined by the customer. Each time, they are also based on the recommended general regulations (ASTM) or industry standards.

Maintenance of top quality standards is also possible due to a professional laboratory, a modern burning room, as well as close cooperation and exchange of experiences with external labs such as ITTC, and CTL.

Since the very beginning of its activity, KORONA Candles Group has introduced many innovative solutions to the market, which would later become a worldwide standard. They include the use of an appropriately modified shape of a tealight cup bottom, which has enabled significant improvement of the product combustion parameters. An unprecedented solution was the change of approach to packaging of tealights – its current form of a shrink-wrapped pile, unlike the previously used traditional sack, introduced much better aesthetics and significant savings in the logistics field.