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Raw materials

KORONA Candles Group bases its market strength on continuous investment in the development and implementation of technological innovations. For more than 10 years, the company in Poland has been a leader in the industry with regards to the use of alternative raw materials based on renewable raw materials. It is also a pioneering company in the field of using segregated vegetable oils for the production of candles, currently consuming more than 35 000 metric tons per year at the Polish plant.

The currently conducted research on the use of ecological components, ongoing analysis of the production technology, as well as top quality of the used raw materials allow KORONA Candles Group to maintain the highest quality standards. This is also possible due to collaboration with the most recognized/reputable suppliers in the industry, as well as comprehensive control of raw materials, including incoming goods check using state-of-the-art research devices and methods.

The indicator of the top quality of candles manufactured by KORONA Candles Group is fulfillment of stringent requirements of ASTM standards, as well as strict cooperation with external laboratories, such as ITTC or CTL. KORONA Candles Group has also the RSPO product certification system.